December 14, 2017


Metamorphosis: MaYarising is Moving & Transforming

If we are connected on Facebook, if you read the last email, or if have just heard it through the grapevine, you already know that MaYarising is moving from 20 E. Main St. at the end of January. It will have been 3 years in this lovely haven, this sanctuary. Some of you might wonder why MaYarising is moving. Some of you might not be surprised. This location has been beautiful and special and now it is time for MaYarising to move, for MaYarising to transform.

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June 07, 2017


Global Warming Doesn't Matter

Ok. So, you're probably thoroughly confused and taken aback by the title of my post, "Global Warming Doesn't Matter." You know that MaYarising 100% stands for social and environmental responsibility in fashion production, so you're probably wondering why I would make such a statement. Rest assured, by the end of this post, I think you'll see what I mean and agree that global warming doesn't matter.

Last Thursday, President Trump pulled the United States out of The Paris Agreement, an agreement which President Obama signed along with 189 other countries in a commitment to take measurable steps to counteract climate change. The only other countries who have not signed on to The Paris Agreement are Syria, who's in a state of civil war, and Nicaragua, who deems the Agreement's standards too low and too focused on the well-being of wealthy countries. Even North Korea, a country currently at odds with the United States and much of the world at large, has signed this agreement.

So, if even a fascist country like North Korea wants to work with the rest of the world, why is the U.S., or rather, Donald Trump, pulling America out? Trump has argued that the Agreement is bad for the American dollar, that it costs too much, and that climate change isn't real. He posits that membership is an utter waste of time and money since the Agreement is based on fiction. Of course, 21 of the U.S. Senators who urged Trump to pull the U.S. out of this agreement have--dun dun dun--special interests in oil and coal. But, that's not important here, right??

Ok. I'm getting just a tad snarky, but here's where I reel it back in AND give you the kicker: global warming doesn't terms of the commitments The Paris Agreement stipulates. Global warming doesn't matter in terms of how we choose to live our lives. Global warming doesn't matter in terms of sustainability or ethics. Global warming doesn't matter in terms of the green technology we innovate and implement. Global warming doesn't matter for how we choose to plan for the well-being of generations to come. 

Global warming doesn't matter, because no matter the life expectancy of our species or that of others, it is our responsibility to take care of our home no matter the state of pollution of cleanliness. Global warming doesn't matter, because humanity has the self-reflective capacity to know the difference between right and wrong and to knowingly let our home, our planet, fall into disrepair is wrong. So, it doesn't matter whether you believe in global warming or not. It doesn't matter whether you trust the word of the world's scientists that humans are the cause of this planetary malady. It honestly doesn't matter. Global warming doesn't matter, because we should be taking care of our planet anyway.

And, fortunately we are. Although we've made many, many mistakes as a species, the good news is we are starting to step up in bigger and better ways than we have before. There is an awakening in consciousness that is perceptible, palpable. There are the "Climate Mayors," currently 248 and counting--including Carson Taylor of Bozeman, MT (!!)--from the U.S. who have stepped up where the President has stepped down and have committed to following the edicts of The Paris Agreement despite the U.S.' pending withdrawal. There are the group of children taking the U.S. Government to court, alleging that the government has not done its job to provide them with the simple rights to life such as clean air and water. There are people like you who choose to shop ethically at businesses like MaYarising whose mission is to provide affordable and sustainable clothing, accessories, and goods whose carbon footprint is as negligible as possible.

You see, it doesn't matter whether climate change is the work of fact or fiction. All that matters is our unwavering commitment to make sure our Earth is taken care of. That is what matters, no matter the cost to the American dollar.

Photo by Kevin Gill. Unmodified.

November 22, 2016


A REAL Thanksgiving

In the past few months, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe has gained international attention for their efforts to protect the Missouri River from possible (if not probable) contamination by the Dakota Access Pipeline. Success would mean preserving their remaining sacred burial grounds (some have already been destroyed) as well as their drinking water and that of millions of people downstream on the Missouri. Standing Rock has gained support not only from other Native Nations, but by non-Native water protector allies from all walks of life from the United States and beyond. These people have already endured much through the summer months and are due to endure even more now that the Earth has turned to fall and will soon turn to winter.

Though non-violent, the water protectors and their allies have experienced violence done unto them. At the time of writing, the water protectors' most recent torment came from a barrage of concussion grenades, rubber bullets, tear gas, and high-pressure water, all at 26 degrees Fahrenheit on an enclosed bridge from which they were unable to escape without either suffering the attacks of the riot police or trampling each other in an attempt to escape. Taking the attacks head on meant hypothermia, ruptured ear drums, nausea, vomiting, incontinence, and excruciating wounds. One specific example of the most severe injuries lies in Sophia Wilansky, one white female ally from New York. Graphic imagery confirmed she sustained injuries that tore through flesh and exposed bone. If you'd like to support Sophia's GoFundMe to help with her medical bills, click here. I can only hope that, had a Standing Rock member sustained such injuries, their maiming would have been equally publicized and condemned, their GoFundMe given equal support.
The peril and the importance of this mission are real.


Now we stand on the doorstep of Thanksgiving, that holiday in which a group of sincere Natives put aside the strife they shared with a group of European colonists in the spirit of peace and mutual exchange. In my mind, the massive support from non-Native water protector allies is--whether consciously or not--an act of atonement for the mass genocide of Native Americans since the arrival of white Europeans on this continent. Indeed, many Native people consider Thanksgiving a day of mourning since the promise of peace they believed to be reciprocating with the European settlers in that landmark celebration was later broken by murder. Send blessings of healing, safety, and success to Standing Rock as you enjoy your meal this Thanksgiving. Their fight isn’t for the rest of us, but their work is direly important to all of us. Standing Rock and all Indigenous Americans deserve more respect and atonement than they have yet received.


MaYarising wants to stand with Standing Rock’s work and help make reparations.

Here's how you can join us.

If you have felt passion for this cause, but haven't gotten to contribute (and even if you already have!), here is an opportunity.

From Black Friday (11/25) through Cyber Monday (11/28), we will donate 8% of our sales to Standing Rock.

This will help feed, shelter, and clothe the Native Water Protectors and their allies who have been doing a great service for us all. But, we can only do it through your support. Will you join us?

Why 8%? 8 is the number of infinity, abundance, and power. This is our intention for Standing Rock.

In solidarity with all that is sacred, in solidarity with our Earth Mother, in solidarity with all our elders, brothers and sisters, the original Americans, Mni Wiconi: Water Is Life

March 23, 2016


Fashion for Peace ›  

Fashion for Peace

After the Paris and Brussels bombings, art images popped up all over the Internet with the intention of bringing awareness to the world and wishing peace upon the people of the beloved cities and countries devastated by hate. As in the wake of another, local tragedy, I felt moved to create an outfit that conveyed a message of peace and hope regarding the situation at hand. Once I had done so and posted it to social media, I realized that my little outfit, while it may never reach thousands of viewers, was also a piece of art with the same intention as its viral, graphic counterparts. A little lightbulb turned on. A little "aha" moment was had. I had never considered fashion as a symbol or harbinger of peace before. But, there they are. My little outfits trying to send a message. It was only until I stepped out of myself that I saw how interesting a concept this was. 

I originally began writing this post to share on the Facebook event page of our 1st Peace Yoga Meditation Gathering, this Sunday, March 27th at MaYarising from 4:00-4:45. If you feel inspired to join us, you can find more information on our website's event page or on the Facebook event page.

Here's the explanation on each of the "Fashion for Peace" images above.

Left: For Brussels, in the wake of the terrorist attack at the airport and train station on March 22nd, in the national colors of red, yellow, and black. In hopes of the individuals responsible for these attacks having a change of heart and mind and in honor of the lives that were lost, and the friends and families left behind, All We Need to turn around Is Love.

Middle: For Bozeman, in the wake of several tragedies the week of March 7th, 2016 and in anticipation of our new Peace Yoga Meditation Gatherings. When things get rough and when things are beautiful, Love Is the Answer.


Right: For Bozeman, Darcy Bahmann, and her family and friends after she was murdered in her home the morning of March 9th, 2016. May she rest with peace in the flower of the Universe.

March 15, 2016


Meditation Gathering ›  

Meditation Gatherings: Stay Tuned

Things have been crazy lately. Last week was chock full of tragedies for Bozeman, an unprecedented occurrence that we are all still reeling from. Although it's been in the works for a while, maybe these horrible events have shown us that it's finally time that MaYarising hosts regular meditation/energy work circles to help bring us--as individuals and as a community--back to center. It's at times like these that we realize even more that we need one another. Perhaps we require purification today. Perhaps it's strength or peace tomorrow. Whatever it is we need in the moment, ‪#‎LoveIsTheAnswer‬. Stay tuned for further details.

April 06, 2015


The Goddess Beckons ›  

The Goddess Beckons

Forced to stay home, focus within, and take some self-care as a result of a cold, something has arisen in my awareness to share with you:

MaYarising has been open at 20 E. Main for nearly 2 months now. I have enjoyed this sweet beginning, taking pleasure in the inspiration others get from just experiencing this special place or in watching them delight in taking home a new treasure with which to let the creativity of their daily dressing ritual soar.

While this very foundational aspect of MaYarising has met if not exceeded my hopes and expectations, I have been frustrated with only one thing thus far. Hint: It starts with "s" and any wind powered sea vessel requires them. :) A few weeks ago, it occurred to me that I had focused so intently on making MaYarising feel like home to all who enter, that I hadn't put enough intention-setting power into receiving the level of exchange through funds that would seem to keep this ship going full speed ahead. As such, I began focusing more on MaYarising to meet such ends through marketing/public visibility and inventory.

While my focus on this aspect of the MaYarising social enterprise has been undeniably important, I've begun to know with increasing awareness that something is off. Not terribly off, but simply in need of slight correction or rather, a deepening of focus.

MaYarising is not just about clothes and style. Really, that's just the surface. And yet, in my efforts to show people that this place exists for them to buy things, I've lost the inner focus of what this place really is: an abode for the Goddess, with Her creative power, within you, me, the world to awaken. That's what MaYarising is really about: "My arising to the māyā, Divine Creative Power, within me." Within you. Within us all. 

The Goddess is telling me to slow down again and make time for Her; that my focus and awareness is now ready to encompass this greater depth of what MaYarising is really here to offer. So, rather than just getting your Goddess fix subliminally through the decor, layout, "shopping" experience, and the like, it's time to finally start offering Goddess wisdom and creativity building events directly. This is the meat and potatoes of MaYarising, people. So, here it comes.

It's my guidance to start by sharing with you a regular Goddess Blessing and general blog post Reflections. These might come via the Goddess Guidance oracle deck by Doreen Virtue, like today, or through some other oracular or synchronistic means. The time between each new Blessing or Reflection may vary as the energy each message holds may require different amounts of time to settle and make their full impact. For whom is the impact meant? Well, for MaYarising, for me, for you, for the collective, for all of us. 

Here is your debut Goddess Blessing by MaYarising: One that perfectly encompasses what I've just told I'm now ready to give. May you Receive as well as Give this blessing on to others in the way that is meant for you. Here's to slowing down, getting quiet, and letting your awareness of the voice of the Goddess flower within you:


"You have Divine knowledge that can help others through your spiritual teaching."

Message from Dana: "Your wisdom extends back into the far reaches of ancient times. You've brought this knowledge forward into your present incarnation, to be a way-shower so that others may benefit from your experiences. Don't delay in expressing this wisdom. I will assist you in manifesting platforms for your spiritual teaching, whether it's through teaching by example, or through writing or speaking. All forms of teaching are equally valuable, no matter how many lives you touch."

Various Meanings of this Card: Lead workshops * Write books or articles * Look for opportunities to teach * Be a role model of peace * Honor your divinity * Know that you are a leader * Know that you are loved

About Dana (pronounced DON-nah): Dana is one of the most ancient of Celtic goddesses, extending to the pre-Gaelic times of Ireland when the Tuatha Dé Dananns (which means "the children of Dana") followed her as their Creator Mother Goddess. When the Gaelics invaded Ireland, the Tuatha Dé Dananns transformed themselves into leprechauns, as they remain today. Dana, who's also known as Dannu or Danu, is extremely powerful and magical. She can help you with manifestation, alchemy, and Divine magic. She can also introduce you to the elemental kingdom, especially the leprechauns. 

(Excerpt from Guidebook for the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D, pp. 46-47)


Gauche Magazine--Debut Shoot

About a month ago now, I learned of the locally-run Bozeman online fashion magazine, Gauche, and knew I had to hit these peeps up. French for "socially awkward or unaware how to behave" particularly in the eyes of the bourgeois, Gauche Magazine stands for the non-conformity of finding your own style, whether or not that's "socially acceptable" or not. As MaYarising stands for precisely the same thing, I knew we had to team up. Editors-in-chief, Isaiah Bertagnolli and Chloe Nostrant came by MaYarising during the first week of operation in the new space and fell in love too. We concluded we were a match made in heaven and needed to get our groove on.

Here is the resulting Debut Photo Shoot with the illustrious, the great, the Gauche, styled by your favorite (and only!) Style Therapist, shot by Chloe and Isaiah, makeup by partner in crime, Laura Selby, of Instinct Skin Care and Massage Studio, off of the MaYarising space:

Badasses extraordinairre, Chloe and Isaiah team up like the ballers they are in front of the "legendary" Gold Wall in their most punch-packing outfits. What a statement for the first page!
Isaiah (left)  
Foiling the Rain Coat, Vintage 60's--$185   Geometric Jade Blouse, Vintage 80's--$24   Tri-Metal Woven Belt--$12   60's Glamour Set (earrings not pictured)--$88 SOLD
Chloe (right)
Bebe Grecian Trench Set (skirt not pictured)--$99   Harem Rouge Pants--$23   Selena Bodysuit, Vintage 80's--$23 SOLD   Origami Cutout Wedges--$28   Wood Facet Ring in Red, House in the Moon--$44   Wood Facet Necklace in Red, House in the Moon--$44   Roman Coin Earrings--$5
As it so happened, we were drawn to outfit both Chloe and Isaiah in the Vintage 80's Radcliffe Blazer. I love how these images side by side underscore how one piece can be worn in two totally different ways, proving style is genderless. Color is the key. It might be one of the few ways we can reliably make sense of and organize the universe.
Chloe (left)
Radcliffe Blazer, Vintage 80's--$25   Chiang Mai Scarf in Sand--$20   Elastic Bra Top in Black, Onzie--$42   Tuxedo Legging in Kimono, Onzie--$63   Nautical Top Handle Clutch, Vintage 60's--$56   Wood Facet Ring in Flieder, House in the Moon--$44   Aventurine Necklace, House in the Moon--$44   Turquoise Cuff, Global Groove Life--$35   Origami Cutout Wedges--$28
Isaiah (right)
Radcliffe Blazer, Vintage 80's--$25   Diana Ross Blazer-Dress, Vintage 80's--$32   Quilted Cranberry Red "Chanel" Purse--$17   Wood Facet Necklace in Red, House in the Moon--$44


Who dareth say boys can't wear pearls?! Hell with that! Subtle. Luxe. Love. Appropriately, Isaiah is pictured reading The Art of Non-Conformity by Chris Guillebeau in the hangout space.

Unconventional Pearls Deluxe, Vintage 50's--$42   Robinson's Vintage Dijon Shirt, Vintage 70's--$67   Jean Washed Sweater, Vintage 80's--$52   Republic of Wool Coat--$98   Indigo Velvet Skinny Jeans--$36


Mirror, mirror on the wall...who's the fairest one of all? Chloe! CHLOE!! Clearly. AND with some Alicia Keys braids!? Dang.

Hugo B's Snake Print Jacket--$58   Coral Cutout Dress--$59   Chevron Ombre Earrings in Pale Pink, House in the Moon--$76   Nautical Top Handle Clutch, Vintage 60's--$56   Wood Facet Necklace in White, House in the Moon--$44   Wood Facet Necklace in Flieder, House in the Moon--$44

Here they are again; the dynamic duo enjoying the fruits of the MaYarising hang out space: squishy gold chairs to comfort, fab water glasses to stylishly refresh, books to inspire, and bright sunny windows to uplift the senses.


And I'm spent! That's it for the glories of this edition of Gauche-y Style Therapy + Ethical Apparel.

Maya <3

February 26, 2015


MaYarising in the media ›  

MaYarising on the Front Page of the Bozeman Daily Chronicle!!!

Alright. My Facebook and Instagram are blowin' up with buzz on the new MaYarising article landing on the front page of the Bozeman Daily Chronicle! Daniel did a great job writing about MaYarising and partner in crime, Laura Selby of Instinct Skin Care & Massage Studio, who does her thang off the MaYarising space. Feeling super blessed and excited to have MaYarising front in center on the most read periodical in the Bozeman community. Next stop: hanging with Ms. Ga and Ms. Minaj. Oh the trouble we could get up to... Schwing!!

BTW You can read the article by visiting this link:

February 10, 2015


Welcome ›  

Welcome to the MaYarising Website!

Wow! It's finally up! The MaYarising website is here! As you'll have noticed, there are some pages that aren't complete, but check back soon for more content. And, soon after that...THE MaYarising ONLINE STORE!