Gauche Magazine--Debut Shoot

About a month ago now, I learned of the locally-run Bozeman online fashion magazine, Gauche, and knew I had to hit these peeps up. French for "socially awkward or unaware how to behave" particularly in the eyes of the bourgeois, Gauche Magazine stands for the non-conformity of finding your own style, whether or not that's "socially acceptable" or not. As MaYarising stands for precisely the same thing, I knew we had to team up. Editors-in-chief, Isaiah Bertagnolli and Chloe Nostrant came by MaYarising during the first week of operation in the new space and fell in love too. We concluded we were a match made in heaven and needed to get our groove on.

Here is the resulting Debut Photo Shoot with the illustrious, the great, the Gauche, styled by your favorite (and only!) Style Therapist, shot by Chloe and Isaiah, makeup by partner in crime, Laura Selby, of Instinct Skin Care and Massage Studio, off of the MaYarising space:

Badasses extraordinairre, Chloe and Isaiah team up like the ballers they are in front of the "legendary" Gold Wall in their most punch-packing outfits. What a statement for the first page!
Isaiah (left)  
Foiling the Rain Coat, Vintage 60's--$185   Geometric Jade Blouse, Vintage 80's--$24   Tri-Metal Woven Belt--$12   60's Glamour Set (earrings not pictured)--$88 SOLD
Chloe (right)
Bebe Grecian Trench Set (skirt not pictured)--$99   Harem Rouge Pants--$23   Selena Bodysuit, Vintage 80's--$23 SOLD   Origami Cutout Wedges--$28   Wood Facet Ring in Red, House in the Moon--$44   Wood Facet Necklace in Red, House in the Moon--$44   Roman Coin Earrings--$5
As it so happened, we were drawn to outfit both Chloe and Isaiah in the Vintage 80's Radcliffe Blazer. I love how these images side by side underscore how one piece can be worn in two totally different ways, proving style is genderless. Color is the key. It might be one of the few ways we can reliably make sense of and organize the universe.
Chloe (left)
Radcliffe Blazer, Vintage 80's--$25   Chiang Mai Scarf in Sand--$20   Elastic Bra Top in Black, Onzie--$42   Tuxedo Legging in Kimono, Onzie--$63   Nautical Top Handle Clutch, Vintage 60's--$56   Wood Facet Ring in Flieder, House in the Moon--$44   Aventurine Necklace, House in the Moon--$44   Turquoise Cuff, Global Groove Life--$35   Origami Cutout Wedges--$28
Isaiah (right)
Radcliffe Blazer, Vintage 80's--$25   Diana Ross Blazer-Dress, Vintage 80's--$32   Quilted Cranberry Red "Chanel" Purse--$17   Wood Facet Necklace in Red, House in the Moon--$44


Who dareth say boys can't wear pearls?! Hell with that! Subtle. Luxe. Love. Appropriately, Isaiah is pictured reading The Art of Non-Conformity by Chris Guillebeau in the hangout space.

Unconventional Pearls Deluxe, Vintage 50's--$42   Robinson's Vintage Dijon Shirt, Vintage 70's--$67   Jean Washed Sweater, Vintage 80's--$52   Republic of Wool Coat--$98   Indigo Velvet Skinny Jeans--$36


Mirror, mirror on the wall...who's the fairest one of all? Chloe! CHLOE!! Clearly. AND with some Alicia Keys braids!? Dang.

Hugo B's Snake Print Jacket--$58   Coral Cutout Dress--$59   Chevron Ombre Earrings in Pale Pink, House in the Moon--$76   Nautical Top Handle Clutch, Vintage 60's--$56   Wood Facet Necklace in White, House in the Moon--$44   Wood Facet Necklace in Flieder, House in the Moon--$44

Here they are again; the dynamic duo enjoying the fruits of the MaYarising hang out space: squishy gold chairs to comfort, fab water glasses to stylishly refresh, books to inspire, and bright sunny windows to uplift the senses.


And I'm spent! That's it for the glories of this edition of Gauche-y Style Therapy + Ethical Apparel.

Maya <3

Maya Leon
Maya Leon


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