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If we are connected on Facebook, if you read the last email, or if have just heard it through te grapevine, you already know that MaYarising is moving from 20 E. Main St. at the end of January. It will have been 3 years in this lovely haven, this sanctuary. Some of you might wonder why MaYarising is moving. Some of you might not be surprised. This location has been beautiful and special, but now it is time for MaYarising to move, for MaYarising to transform.

I never totally saw myself going into business by myself, but that’s just kind of what happened. But now I’m rather burnt out to be perfectly transparent. I still love this business--this little baby I’ve created--and what she provides to the community, but I need a change, she needs a change in order for the symbiosis that is Maya and MaYarising to continue. This is why I have not renewed the lease on the 20 E. Main space, which was signed to last for 3 years beginning February 2015 and ending January 2018. MaYarising and I need a change, a transformation. We need more people involved in what MaYarising is. We need a business partner or two, even a partner business, possibly, as well as more employees for MaYarising to be on the scale it has been (or larger) AND for it to be sustainable. Alas, it has become unsustainable for me and I need a lifestyle change. Paradoxically, I need to be present to more of the entirety of my life to make the section of my life that MaYarising inhabits more powerful as well.

With this news, you’re probably immediately wondering where MaYarising is moving to. There is no next permanent location decided yet. This is not a plug and play situation, folks, and at first, I was scared and depressed about that. I was incredibly anxious about the notion of changing things up, at the possibility of not having a next permanent location. Thank the goddess that stress is over! Now I’m not only fine with it, I'm relieved, to be honest. Like I said, I need a break, or, as a friend said yesterday, a chance to refill my cup. So, in this undetermined time off period, I’ll be taking the time to reset, refuel, gather information, and reflect on how the next phase of MaYarising will unfold. In the creative process, you often need a break, a chance to step away from actively creating in order for the breakthrough to manifest. This stage is called incubation, and there is no amount of exertion that can make the creation manifest any more quickly. So, stepping away, resting, and not trying to create the thing you’re trying to create is, paradoxically, the only thing that can make the creation come into being! Here's to the power of taking a break!

Although I can’t tell you exactly what is going to manifest, here’s what I can see possibly happening: MaYarising would likely move to the ground floor of Main St. For a variety of reasons, she needs to be more visible and accessible. She needs to be able to touch more lives, to help create a more powerful, collective transformation on the planet. By being more visible, she could do this. There are other product additions I'd love to see, but the biggest change I’d like to see is MaYarising finally and unambiguously turning into a center for personal development and social change. The foundation of MaYarising is not retail; it’s learning and personal transformation. Style Therapy is the seed, the heart, and soul of MaYarising. This transition is creating the space for me to focus on the core of what MaYarising is and to offer more individual Style Therapy sessions (group workshops in the works too!).

In addition to Style Therapy, a service that I plan on formally offering for the first time are astrology readings. I’ve been studying astrology since I was 16 (that’s half my life!), but I never really felt qualified to give other people readings for money. I’d given them informally for quite some time and, when asked if I would do it professionally, I always declined. But now I’m listening to what you’ve all been trying to tell me all this time! Even though I don’t have a long list of formal training to provide on a résumé (I do have some!), I now accept that you want this from me, so I’m finally going to give it to you! Get in touch with me if you’d like to be the first on the wait list of astrology sessions to be available starting in February!

Besides Style Therapy and astrology, I generally want to see MaYarising provide even more such opportunities for personal growth and learning. MaYarising classes and events might include topics such as the impact of fashion production on the environment, soulful journaling, finding your personal mythology, learning tarot, issues on diversity awareness and many, many more.

When faced with my decision to make this change, I considered the difficulties with which we humans and our planet are challenged. I let this sink in and asked myself (not for the first time) if simply doing what I’ve been doing in a different location is enough to help shift things. Honestly, I don’t think it’s enough. I think that trying to change the consumerist model and the fashion game through local, Ethical Apparel is crucial, but it’s not enough, at least not enough for me. I need to help orchestrate more positive change and more quickly than I have been able to do so far. I don’t know about you, but things really feel dire to me right now. A massive shift has got to come now. I know the purpose of my life is to empower others and help make that scale, but I can’t do it on my own. What I can do is help others get clear on who they are and the reason they are here. I know with every fiber of my being that the healing of the world begins with each one of us waking up to the power, purpose, and authenticity within us. I know that we each have to stop making ourselves be small, bubbled, and without agency. The healing of the world hinges upon you--hinges upon each one of us--waking up to our uniqueness and individual power in this life. When we are on path, we are on purpose, and when we are on purpose, we are powerful. The more of us that have woken up, the stronger that wave of transformation becomes. MaYarising has already made an impact toward that end, but now that impact needs to be more powerful, direct, and explicit.

So, that’s where you come in. Like I said, MaYarising is my creation, but she is not mine alone and she mustn’t continue to be mine alone. She has been created and shaped, in part, by you! If you’re reading this, you have, in some way, helped co-create what MaYarising is and will be in the future. Here are the ways in which you might help me manifest what is to come:

  • Simply be aware and hold space. There is so much that the collective consciousness can do to create change, to shape reality. Simply holding the intention, awareness, and desire to see MaYarising’s transformation come about is huge.
  • Bring me your ideas. Perhaps you have a piece of the puzzle on the next who, what, and where for MaYarising. Maybe you have ideas or connections that can facilitate MaYarising's future situation. Maybe you are that future situation! Call, email, or visit me with what visions, ideas, and impressions you have to share! I’m excited to see what magic you bring to the equation.
  • Help clear space for the transition. There is much inventory I’d like to help find good homes before the move. There is only so much room at our upcoming temporary location!

Temporary location? Yes, that’s right: a temporary location! While there isn’t yet a next permanent location in the works (again, this is not a plug and play move), we are already in partnership with a temporary home for MaYarising: Indulgence Beauty Bar. Deirdre (the owner) had suggested it to me about a month or so back and when we did our joint Holiday Party there, we decided to keep the MaYarising display going! At the time of writing, some jewelry, Spiritual Gangster items, and Ugly Sweaters are available there. I’m grateful for what this partnership has already been and what will continue to unfold. 

Besides the interim home at Indulgence, MaYarising will continue to have her online store up and running. If you haven’t perused this website properly before, get acquainted! It’s sure to be more of an important landing pad for you for a while.

So, during this transition time you can expect the following:

MaYarising housed at Indulgence (121 E. Main St., Bozeman)

MaYarising's online shop active as usual (

More Style Therapy sessions (classes on the horizon!)

New! Astrology sessions (stay tuned for more info!)

More blog posts (yes, like this one!)

MaYarising has been the cutest little caterpillar. Now it’s time for her to become a Butterfly. Stay tuned for more transformations. <3


Maya Leon
Maya Leon


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