Purusha People

Purusha People was founded in 2009 by Hayley Elliott. PP believes that what you wear next to your skin is sacred, and the process of how it's made is a ritual of art and creativity that transfers directly to the beloved customer. The humble PP brand takes pride in sourcing local fabrics, using non-toxic water based inks and low impact dyes, and creating pieces slowly and sustainably in small batches. We sincerely hope our clothing tells the story of YOU. We're endlessly inspired by your natural beauty, kindness, and devotion to truth. May this clothing remind you of your true self!

Hayley merrily dreams up, designs, and hand prints and dyes every piece in the shop. 

All clothing is sewn by hand by our super talented seamstress Nadya. She infuses love with every stitch!

Our brand is a small one, but we are honored to give back. A portion of proceeds goes to sponsoring 2 children and their villages in Africa through worldvision.org