Ethical Apparel

Gently Loved Vintage + Contemporary Resale   Locally-Made Wearables   Socially + Environmentally Responsible Clothes

Recycling + Supporting the Community + Making an Impact on the World

With so many beautifully-made clothing to choose from in this world, shouldn't your clothing also be made with beautiful intentions? All of the clothing at MaYarising is what we call Ethical Apparel. This includes gently loved vintage + contemporary resale, wearables by local and regional makers, and clothing by socially and/or environmentally responsible companies. Please visit the links in the drop down menu to learn more!


An Ethical, Affordable & Funky-Fresh Infusion of Style

Bozeman is a place people have complained about being something of a fashion wasteland. Options have been limited that fit an individual's taste and budget. At MaYarising, we employ maya, or Divine Creative Power, to find solutions to meet all three of these needs that create an all around sustainable garment you will hopefully love for years to come. <3