Upcoming Events

1st Peace Yoga Meditation Gathering

Sunday, March 27th, 2016 4:00-4:30

Restore your inner Harmony
When events occur that feel disruptive, resting in our center together and focusing on PEACE can be so helpful. In light of recent local and international events, MaYarising would like to offer you an oppoortunity to re-connect with your personal well-being and, in so doing, also benefit our community and greater world.
Science has found that when a group of meditators in the same location create a coherent field of consciousnes, it only takes √1% (the square root of 1%) of a population to facilitate a measurable reduction in crime and violence in that area.
We invite you to come and enhance peace and well-being for yourself and for our world.
There are a limited number of chairs available. For your comfort, we advise you bring a yoga mat, camp chair, meditation cushion and/or blanket with you.
For those attending the 4:30 yoga class at Your Yoga, feel free to leave early in order to attend that as well.
We recommend that you arrive a few minutes before 4 as we will begin promptly.

Past Events

1 Year Anniversary Sale!!

Friday & Saturday, February 12th & 13th

On Friday, February 13th, 2015, we opened our doors to you at our first permanent downtown spot at 20 E. Main Street. Now it's time to give thanks for the past year!
Come join in this Friday & Saturday, February 12th & 13th for 20% off storewide, including items already discounted, plus, some yummy treats!
If you're not currently in the Bozone, you can still enjoy 20% off of any purchases through our online store at using code 1YEAR. Not on the website, but you know or hope it exists? No worries. Just give a jingle for your desired item(s).
Thanks for being part of MaYarising: Year 1!!

Winter Art Walk--Laundry for Strangers with Jacqueline Rieder-Hud

Friday, December 12th, 6-8pm

Jacqueline posing in front of some of her mythic, mystic work.

It's that time again: the Art Walk Winter Remix! The only Art Walk of the Winter season and the only one until June, so come on down to let your mind be blown by the mythical, shamanistic journey art of Jaqueline Rieder-Hud. Originals, prints, as well as her art book, Laundry for Strangers: A Personal Memoir of Creativity, Sexuality & Fury, for sale; plumb the artist's mind for free! Plenty of nomtastic holiday-type treats too to fill you with cheer.

Click here to visit her website.