What Is Ethical Apparel?

At MaYarising, our Ethical Apparel consists of Gently Loved Contemporary & Vintage Resale, Locally- & Artisnally-Made Clothing and Accessories, and Environmentally- and/or Socially-Responsible Threads. We do not sell ANYTHING that does not meet at least one of these standards.

What Is Style Therapy?

Style Therapy is an original personal coaching method developed by founder, Maya León. Unlike personal styling, Style Therapy is a soul-searching or self-exploration process guided by Maya. Whereas personal styling focuses more on the stylist having the authority over you to decide what you should wear and how you should wear it, Maya helps you discover your own personal power and Authentic Style and how to stay true to that. She helps you get more clear on who you really are instead of who the world tells you to be through the vehicle of style. As such, Style Therapy, at its deepest, is much more than just about style and clothing. It's about living an authentic, powerful, and purposeful life by using your relationship with clothing and realizing it as a creative and transformative tool to be uniquely you: the person the world needs you to be. For more information on Style Therapy, please visit the Style Therapy page

How Do You Source Your Gently Loved Clothing?

We buy unique, gently loved pieces from estate sales, garage sales, and from individuals in-house at MaYarising. If you would like to sell your clothes to MaYarising, please visit this page.

Are You Connected to Your Yoga or the massage studios there?

Your Yoga is located down the hall from MaYarising. We are in fact friends, but totally separate businesses. Same goes for Restful Touch (located inside Your Yoga) and Instinct (located inside MaYarising). For more information on our friends, please visit their websites here:




What is your return/exchange policy?

For information on returns/exchanges, please visit the Shipping/Returns page.

What are your shipping rates?

For information on shipping, please visit Shipping/Returns page.