Gently Loved Resale

Looking for some unique threads? We've got you covered.

We only give you the crème de la crème of previously purchased products. Our resale items are always gently loved or never been worn and always unique.

Wow! Everything is in such great condition!

And then put a cherry on top. To further ensure your textile enjoyment, all items are given full garment care before they find their way to our racks and into your hands. 
All resale garments (without new tags) are washed in fragrance-free, environmentally-friendly detergent to ensure that it looks, smells, and feels like (nearly) new. Note: Some dry clean only garments are either treated with Dryel or taken to the cleaners.

Is it time for a Closet Clean Out?

Get a Check or Credit for your Gently Loved Clothes

How does it work?

Bring your clothing by during business hours and Maya will see what fits the MaYarising style while you look around.
If we like what we see, you get 40% of the estimated resale value back in store credit! 
Maya is currently the sole clothing curator. If she isn't in to spy your threads or is super busy, no probs! She'll check out your goods and call you back in as soon as she has a free hand.

What are you looking for?

In general, we particularly like things that are unique in some way, whether subtle or loud. However, we can't tell you what we're looking for until we see it. However, here are some guidelines:

DO bring us all of your shoes, clothing, and accessories for ladies and gents that are in good to perfect condition.

PLEASE DO NOT bring us anything damaged or dirty.

DO bring quality garments regardless of season. We will buy summer items in winter and winter items in summer. If we like it, we'll take it. 

Don't know where to start in your Closet Clean Out? Style Therapy can help.