Style Therapy Overview + Pricing



The world needs more people who have come alive to themselves—their passion and power–in order to do thrive. Style Therapy is a program whose highest purpose is to change the world by helping you transform into who your soul--and the Soul of the World--are calling you to be. Powerful Authenticity and Self-Actualization aren’t just luxuries, they’re social necessities. Just imagine how harmonious the world would become if each person felt empowered and liberated in their life’s purpose. If you feel so called to align with your Authentic Self and are interested in the art of Personal Style, Style Therapy may be right for you. To find out if Style Therapy is right for you, visit our FAQ section and Contact Us to schedule your 45-minute Complimentary Consultation.


Individual Session Pricing Matrix

Initial 45-Minute Consultation: Complimentary

Annual Income

Cost per Hour after Initial Session

Up to $20,000








$50,000 and up


As a social enterprise, MaYarising offers Individual Sessions on a sliding scale to ensure you get the tools to realize yourself as the unique human the world needs you to be.

Average Time per Session: 2-2 1/2 Hours

Style Therapy sessions take approximately 2 hours. If more time is required during a session, you and your Style Therapist will agree mid-session whether to take more time. If so, you will be billed at the appropriate rate for every extra 15 minutes required.

The time and sequencing of sessions in your Style Therapy program depend on what you want to get out of Style Therapy and your budget. Please contact us for further details and to make an appointment. Your personal program can be determined together with Maya, your Style Therapist, at the end of your Initial Session. The average time for each session after the 45-minute Complimentary Consultation is 2 Hours.