Bermuda Bra

Groceries Apparel

Sexy. Fun. Summer. This is where it's at. The Bermuda Bra will be your new go-to bra top. So soft, stretchy, and supportive. Designed to hug you in with hawt organic love. Even gals with a bigger rack stay supported as is in this divine top. Very few available so don't hesitate. These will be gone before you know it!

Material: 87% Organic Cotton, 13% Spandex

Ethical Factor: OMG. Groceries Apparel is hella ethical. Let's make a list: 1.) all-organic plant fibers, 2.) all-recycled plastic fibers, 3.) low-impact dyes, and 4.) made in the U.S. of A. Even the tags are made out of recycled paper and everything is produced in their own factory, which lessens the carbon footprint even more by reducing transport emissions.

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