Crochet + Crystal Pendulum Necklace

House in the Moon

Whimsically delicious. These thoughtfully made necklaces are sure to delight and add some classic pizzazz to your wardrobe. Each necklace is completely unique. Each quartz crystal was hand dug out of the earth and lovingly capped in a special wrapping of crocheted yarn. This is one of those things where you can't just have one. Pair with just about anything in your closet, from t-shit and jeans to wedding attire. The possibilities are limitless with these little beauties. The question isn't which one will you have, it'll be which one(s) do you start with? Hit us up if you need help! <3

Length: Varies 19 1/2-22 1/2"

Ethical Factor: House in the Moon is a local, Bozeman, Montana brand envisioned and created by Even Howard. Shopping small helps keep the local economy strong.

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