Give Cosmic Hugs Tee

Third Eye Threads

"Give Cosmic Hugs" - Neem Karoli Baba.  Have you had one yet?  

When you wear this shirt, you will start getting cosmic hugs. Guaranteed. Whatever we think about we manifest. So why give or get a hug when it can be a cosmic hug!

This shirt was designed using a very high resolution photo from NASA, setting the intention for the flow of the energy of the Cosmos to flow through you. Small Ganesh on back right shoulder, because Ganesh has always got your back.

The fabric is hand treated to remove some of the cotton so you get a vintage look. After the garment is sewn its enzyme washed to give it a super soft feel. Eco-friendly, non-toxic Swiss inks are used for vibrant and lustrous prints. 

Model is wearing size Medium.

60% polyester 40% cotton.

Machine wash cold, tumble dry low. 

Made in California. Fabric made in Massachusetts from east coast recycling. 

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