Karma Pyramid Burnout Racerback Tank

Spiritual Gangster

Karma: Let it continue or let it fade. You decide when you wear this gorgeous burnout tank top. Lettering features gold detailing and pastel, protective, all-seeing eye.

Want the InstaLook? Pair with the Jeanswear FINE Flower Overall Shorts, the Pink Armadillo Moccasins, Quilted Floral Chain Purse, the Wood Facet Ring in Pale Pink, and the Chevron Ombre Earrings in Pale Pink/Brass.

Material: 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester

Ethical Factor: Double duty social responsibility. Spiritual Gangster is Made in L.A., which means keeping jobs within the U.S. economy and not selling out to the use of sweatshops. Spiritual Gangster also donates proceeds to feed people in need for every product sold, in addition to supporting other charities.

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