Lava Skin Necklace


Bold. Powerful. You are the embodiment of the Goddess Pele, queen of the volcano. You are a force of nature. Nothing can stop you and this necklace reminds you of that. Pair this one-of-a-kind beauty with a classic, white button up shirt and jeans to let the necklace take the stage, or go for a sassy red dress in an organic-type print to embody the bold head to toe. When "more and more is less is shit," you know you need to go for her partner in crime, the Lava Skin Earrings.

Double-sided so you get two necklaces in one! What shall it be today? Red or green?

13" Long

Ethical Factor: Guillemette Wood Jewelry is hand made by independent artist Paul Guillemette. By choosing independent, U.S. based art, you are helping keep the economy strong and vibrant.

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