Madewell Plaid Shoulder Denim Jacket


Your fave denim jacket with a twist! This Madewell beauty will take you through the city, the fields, the trails and back. Features outer patch-front pockets, all-over plaid print on the shoulders. Small chicas can enjoy this with an oversized look, Large-sized ladies buy this sweetheart to fit. Smallville chic all the way!

Size Large

100% Cotton

MaYarising recommends washing this jacket separately in cold water. Tumble dry separately on low.

Ethical Factor: This jacket from our Gently Loved section is in perfect condition. Buying it means saving it from a barge to another country already overburdened by our unwanted stuff or tossed into a landfill. Did you know that textiles are 100% recyclable? Mother Earth thanks you for your consideration.

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