Sally Lou African Print Dress


This Sally Lou dress is a dream come true. A tribalesque print that smacks of vintage modern shaped into a classic vintage cut dress, complete with button up front, moderate shoulder padding and all. And, all that with POCKETS and a faux patent leather belt to boot! This fantastic dress shouldn't be only $42, but it is. You're welcome. <3

Vintage Size 10, or Modern Day Size 2/4. Yeah, numbers are THAT different from back then. Crazy, no?

No materials listed, but we're quite sure it's 100% Cotton.

Tag recommends machine wash warm and tumble dry low. Personally, we'd wash cold and hang dry, but that's just us.

Ethical Factor: This unobtrusively funky vintage dress is Gently Loved, which means you're helping recycle rather than waste! Fantastic.

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