Sheerly Perfect Vintage Blouse


How vintage! How fashionable! How today! This beautiful handmade piece has proven its one-of-a-kind value throughout the decades and is a gorgeous treasure now waiting to be part of your wardrobe! Featuring a pinkish nude hue and overall sheer, striped design with faux buttons and an elastic waist, this little beauty is truly a mark of timeless elegance. What to wear under it? Try it with the Ruby Ribbon Sheer Classic or Full Support Cami! Tres chic!

Wash delicate in cold water. Air dry.

Ethical Factor: This vintage blouse from our Gently Loved section is in good condition. Buying it means helping recycle it and recycling means saving it from getting tossed in a landfill or thrown on a barge to another country already overburdened by our unwanted stuff. Mother Earth thanks you.

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