Wool Rondina Cardigan


40s? Nope. 50s? Try again. This cardigan is the embodiment of timeless elegance that you can hardly believe is actually 80s. Sport this comforting wool cardigan with a delightfully retro fit and flare dress or a modern tank top and leggings for a mod-elegant twist. Features an elegant and sumptuous seed stitch knit, knit-covered buttons, tapered waist and sleeve cuffs, and shoulder pads al in a fresh cream color. 

Dry clean or hand wash cold. 

100% Wool

Style hack: Don't worry. If shoulder pads aren't your thing, you can just cut them out. No one will ever know.

Ethical Factor: This vintage 80s cardigan is from our Gently Loved collection. When you purchase this cardigan, you are keeping it in a closed loop of recycling, reducing, and reusing. The Earth thanks you.

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